Paintings by Jean Monti

Jean Monti is a nationally recognized artist with a studio in Rhode Island.  Jean travels nationally to photograph subjects for her paintings.  When Jean paints, she uses her photographs only as a reference because she paints freehand.  A God given talent, work in her studio, and years of classical training from the Rhode Island School of Design prepared Jean to interpret photographs into beautiful expressive portraits.
Jean Monti has used painting as a way to express herself ever since she was a child and every time she picks up a paintbrush she experiences the same passion and satisfaction of interpreting what she feels into works of art. This passion is the motivation behind the hours, days, and years she devoted to her work. So many people will ask her how she paints, but the more important question is why she paints? Jean paints because it is the most natural, genuine way she knows to express her personality and show what is most important to her. It is her voice.Each and every artist has a unique style in the way he or she paints, and Jean Monti’s style evolves and changes over time. Different experiences, emotions, and vision are invoked so her paintings say much more than finished, accomplished works of art.
Jean paints with different mediums and most of the time she will choose oil paint because it satisfies the creative spirit and supports what she wants to say.Oil paint is a rich medium with a buttery consistency. Jean loves to paint with oils on linen because it is fun to work with and it reinforces the classical manner of how she wants to portray her subjects. For example, accurately rendering the human face and figure to capture aspects like the beauty of the curve of a cheekbone, or the shadow of an eyelash under an eye are important because they convey the dimensions and characteristics of the people in her paintings. However, her approach is not just to capture a likeness to a face, but the emotion and spirit. If not, the painting has nothing more to say to the viewer. Oil paint helps her achieve this goal because of its texture and how she can mix the colors to create light on her subjects.


What Inspires Jean Monti


"I Dream My Painting and Then I Paint My Dream."


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"Art is not what you see, but what you make others see"