Jean Monti

Portrait Procedure

Capturing your portrait

The artist will travel to the client’s location for an initial meeting to discuss the desired setting, mood, pose, and attire for the portrait. In some cases, an assistant may accompany the artist during the photo shoot to provide additional support, at no extra cost to the client. A photography session lasting approximately 2-2.5 hours will be scheduled for either the morning or afternoon. The subject will be photographed digitally, and depending on the available time, a brief or more comprehensive review of the images will be conducted. Throughout the photography process, there will be breaks to allow the client to view the captured images and confirm the desired appearance and pose. Once it is confirmed that the desired outcome has been achieved, the artist will return to her studio to edit the photographs and send them to the client. The client will then have the opportunity to take their time in making the final selection. After the selection and size approval, the artist will utilize the chosen image as a reference for painting. Upon completion, the finished portrait will be shipped to the client.

Portrait Prices

Prices as of July 1, 2023

The final size of the portraits vary depending on composition and the location you wish to display it. 

Prices for groups and added pets are priced per commission.

A deposit of 50% is required prior to starting the commission, and the remaining balance is due upon completion and acceptance by the client.

Please note that framing, shipping, crating, artist travel expenses, and any applicable taxes are not included in the portrait price.

Children – up to 18yrs old
head and shoulder – $4500
3/4 figure – $8,500.
full length – $14,000.

Adults –
head and shoulder – $6,500.
3/4 figure – $14,000.
full length – $16,000.

To Begin

embark on your artistic journey

Every painting is created using the finest materials, including linen canvas of the highest quality. The canvas is either stretched on sturdy stretcher bars or mounted to archival board for durability. I initiate the process by creating a detailed sketch or underpainting, and then gradually layer oil paint to bring the artwork to life.

The completion time of each painting may vary, ranging from 2 to 9 months, depending on the complexity and size of the piece. Please note that the price quoted does not include framing; however, I am more than happy to provide assistance and recommendations in selecting the ideal frame to enhance the artwork’s beauty.

please contact me for more information. ~ 401-447-9769

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Elevate your portrait with the perfect frame.

I highly recommend working with our skilled framer who specializes in creating exquisite museum-quality gold leaf picture frames. Their craftsmanship is exceptional, and they have extensive experience in designing and manufacturing custom carved wood frames. Each frame is meticulously handcrafted with great attention to detail by talented artisans.

They offer a wide range of frame styles, and they can be fully customized to suit your preferences. With their extensive selection of carvings, you’ll have the opportunity to choose from many options to create a truly unique and personalized frame for your portrait. My goal is to ensure that your artwork is beautifully showcased and perfectly complemented by a frame that reflects your individual taste and style.

I would be happy to guide you through the various options available.  Together, we can explore choices to ensure that your portrait receives the perfect finishing touch that aligns with your preferences and enhances its overall aesthetic appeal.